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”Hiroshi Sakaguchi created a beautiful ofuro for us using Alaskan cedar, which has been a joy. The Japanese bathtub and the entire room is a fragrant and peaceful retreat for us. We found Ki Arts on the internet, and although we live on the East Coast and had never met Sakaguchi-san, we told him about our remodeling plans. We gave him the dimensions of our space, and he supplied suggestions and drawings. We were shipped the bathtub as well as all of the cedar and redwood for the ceiling, walls, and door. A local contractor undertook the installation, and everything fit perfectly. Afterward, Sakaguchi-san thanked us for the “honor” of allowing him to work with such fine wood. This construction project was nothing but a joy.”
— Nancy and James Russell, Princeton, New Jersey

Japanese Soaking Tubs (Ofuro)


“I pay great attention to hand-planing the wood’s surface.
The silky touch of hand-planed cedar and its fragrance make soaking in a Japanese tub so special. ”

Hiroshi Sakaguchi makes Japanese soaking tubs, commonly called “ofuro“, from solid Alaskan yellow or Port Orford white cedar. His mastery of the art of Japanese hand-cut joinery means that the tub’s wooden components are fitted with extraordinary precision. The surface is hand-planed with the traditional Japanese plane (kanna). The customary size Sakaguchi-san constructs for a one-person soaking tub is 42”l x 26”w (outside) x 24”d (inside). However, he can construct any size according to need and specifications. Options such as an angled back, inside benches, a support rail, detachable head rests, wooden waterfall fillers, and wooden covers are available. Installation diagrams and information about maintenance will be provided. Heaters must be bought separately. As well as constructing Japanese  soaking tubs, Ki Arts can design and install a bathing room that provides the optimal aesthetic environment for the ofuro.  For information about ordering Japanese soaking tubs and pricing, Contact Ki Arts.