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“Our teahouse is one of the most extraordinary pieces of craftsmanship that we have ever seen. To have watched Mr. Sakaguchi build it piece by piece entirely by himself was a rare privilege.”— Doug and Tomi Carlston, San Rafael, CA


“Hiroshi Sakaguchi is that rare individual who combines an innate aesthetic sensibility with an extraordinarily talented professional skill as a Japanese master carpenter/architect/designer and the single-minded focus and devotion to ensure that his work is perfect in every respect. Watching him create the Kan Son Tei complex in the gardens at Les Quatre Vents was an extraordinary and totally satisfying and worthwhile experience, as well as a privilege. We can only sing his praises.” — Anne and Frank Cabot, Cold Spring, NY

Japanese Garden Structures


“When I make a gate, bridge, pavilion or any structure for the garden,
I must consider not just what the structure looks like now, but how nature will age it over time.”

Hiroshi Sakaguchi specializes in traditional Japanese garden structures essential in a Japanese garden design, but he can also design and build structures with a Japanese aesthetic to be integrated into Western or mixed-style gardens. Japanese garden structures include viewing pavilions (azumaya), gates (mon and nakamon) and fences, sheltered benches (machiai–literally translated as “waiting building”), wisteria pergolas (fujidana), bridges (hashi including taikobashi or curved bridges).  For general information about design, Japanese carpentry technique and construction procedures, commissioning a garden structure, and pricing, go to Process and Pricing. For further information, Contact Ki Arts.