Bathhouse completed

Sakaguchi-san’s work on the bathhouse was completed in the fall of 2018.  The owners, themselves, finished the interior flooring, stone work, dressing room cabinet, and the landscaping.

Entrance and hallway
Tatami room
View of tatami room from hallway
Close-up wood stove–stonework done by owners
Tatami room–view of small wood stove
Tatami room–alcove (tokonoma) and sliding closet doors
Dressing room with sink– pocket door goes to toilet room


Pre-fab sauna installed by owners
Furoba with tub, shower, and sunoko (removable wooden floor)







Open ceiling
Open ceiling


Bathhouse deck
Corner view
Bathhouse in the snow

Construction of Japanese soaking tub (ofuro)

Sakaguchi-san constructed an ofuro for the bathhouse from high quality Port Orford cedar procured by the owners.  He fabricated the walls and floor of the ofuro, hand planing them.  He then assembled them through a combination of Japanese joinery and the use of screws and bolts that add strength and endurance to the tub.

Hand planing tub walls
Ofuro joinery
Hammering in wooden plugs where screws and bolts had been inserted
Inserting screws to strengthen assemblage tub walls
Installing ofuro
Making shelf for bathing room (furoba)
Installing ofuro
Installed ofuro

Finish plaster applied to exterior and interior walls of bathhouse

When all the windows and doors of the bathhouse were installed, Sakaguchi-san applied an earth tone acrylic stucco over the base coat on the exterior walls.

Applying finish plaster to exterior walls








Sakaguchi-san then applied juraku or Japanese mud plaster to the interior walls. Again, an earth tone was chosen with small pieces of straw mixed in to create texture.

Applying juraku to interior walls







Shingling roof and adding exterior wall sheathing

The roof was shingled by a talented local roofer to save on cost and time.  Western-style wooden (Western red cedar) shingles are thicker and larger than Japanese-style cedar shingles, so the look is not as subtle as a traditional Japanese shingled roof.


Shingling roof in process.
Shingled roof
View of roof from garden.
View of roof from meadow.

After the shingling, exterior wall sheathing was added.

Attaching exterior sheathing.

Then Sakaguchi-san troweled a basecoat plaster over the sheathing.









When this was completed, he returned to his shop to cut out redwood siding for the lower portion of the exterior wall.  The owners attached the siding themselves.