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Ki Arts represents the work of Hiroshi Sakaguchi, a master carpenter from Japan living in the United States. Sakaguchi-san has both consummate skill in the ancient art of Japanese wood joinery and intimate knowledge of traditional Japanese architectural design. Trained in Japan from an early age, he established Ki Arts in Northern California over 25 years ago. His mission is to bring the highest quality in Japanese architectural design and Japanese woodworking to the West. He has many years experience integrating Japanese design with Western architecture and needs. Sakaguchi-san assures impeccable craftsmanship for anyone wishing to bring the elegant harmony of Japanese architectural design and Japanese woodworking to their home or garden.

Hiroshi Sakaguchi designs, constructs, and installs Japanese rooms (nihonma), tearooms (chashitsu), bathing rooms (furoba) with wooden soaking tubs (ofuro).  He fabricates Japanese-style entrance gates (mon) for homes and gardens as well as other garden structures such as viewing pavilions, curved bridges (taikobashi), and pergolas (fujidana).  Sakaguchi-san has adapted his expertise in Japanese joinery to the creating of  custom Japanese fine furniture including chests (tansu) and tea tables (chabudai).   Custom Buddhist shrines (butsudan) and Shinto altars (kamidana) can also be ordered from Ki Arts.

While the Ki Arts workshop is located in Northern California, Sakaguchi-san’s artistry is not limited to that location. As viewed in his portfolio, he has done Japanese architectural designing and Japanese woodworking for private homes and gardens as well as public parks, restaurants, and Buddhist temples in various parts of the United States, Canada, and Europe. Please contact Ki Arts for further information about Hiroshi Sakaguchi’s work or to discuss a project.