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Kirizuma-style Tea House (chashitsu)

The 41/2 tatami-mat tea house, with its kirizuma-style or gabled roof, overlooks a koi pond. The tea house has an open veranda with posts fitted into granite rocks at the base. Posts and beams are Port Orford cedar, and the roof has multi-layers of western red cedar shingles with Japanese ceramic tiles at the ridge top.

Entrance Gate (mon)

The entrance gate is made of Port Orford cedar with a roof of red cedar layered shingles and Japanese ceramic tiles. The hand-cut scalloped motif on the doors gives a window-like effect.

Sheltered Bench (machiai)

The sheltered bench, a place to pause before entering the tea house, is framed with imported Japanese round posts (hinoki bashira). Its walls are surfaced with Japanese mud plaster (juraku). As with the gate, the roof is red cedar layered shingles with a ridge of Japanese ceramic tiles.

Curved Bridge (taikobashi)

The bridge is constructed with Port Orford cedar. Japanese imported brass ornaments adorn the hand-cut railing posts.

Garden Complex, San Rafael, CA

This garden complex, constructed for a private residence in San Rafael, CA, includes
a traditional Japanese teahouse (chashitzu), an entrance gate (mon), a sheltered bench (machiai), and wooden curved bridge (taikobashi).