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Ki Arts represents the work of Hiroshi Sakaguchi, a master carpenter from Japan.  Trained from a young age in Japan to construct traditional Japanese houses and tea houses using the ancient art of Japanese joinery, Sakaguchi-san brought his skills to the United States and established Ki Arts in Northern California. His mission is to bring the best of Japanese woodcraft to the West, integrating Japanese design into Western-style architecture. He designs and constructs Japanese-style interiors including Japanese rooms (nihonma), tearooms (chashitsu), bathing rooms (furoba).  He also specializes in wooden structures for Japanese gardens such as Japanese-style entrance gates (mon) and bridges (hashi).  Sakaguchi-san custom makes Japanese fine furniture such as chests (tansu) and tea tables (chabudai) as well as built-in and free standing Buddhist shrines (butsudan).

Since the establishment of Ki Arts, Sakaguchi-san’s artistry can be found in private homes and gardens as well as public parks, restaurants, and Buddhist temples in the United States, Canada, and Europe.